Moving Checklist for House Shifting by SKY Movers Dubai

Moving Checklist

Two Months before you move

Get quotes from at least three professional movers that are estimated through in-home assessments to ensure their accuracy.
Start going through your possessions to determine what you will keep and what you will give away.
Draw up a budget for moving to determine how much you can afford and how much you need to spend. You should also start estimating how much packing supplies you need to buy; at a minimum, you’ll need crates, packing tape, packing material such as bubble wrap and markers.

Six weeks before you move

Start purging your possessions. Have the stuff you have decided to purge given away or hold a garage sale if you can spare the time and effort.
Plan what you will do with valuable possessions such as jewelry and antiques.
Begin to consume perishables such as frozen food as well as items that professional movers will not accept like bleach.

Four weeks before you move

Buy packing supplies and designate a room where you will store them.
If you are using a professional mover, confirm the details of your move with them.
If you are doing the move yourself or doing part of the job, start making a packing plan.
Pack things that you are not using daily.
Start to create an unpacking plan so you’ll know where stuff will go in your new home or office.

Two weeks before you move

Plan meals for the next few days so you won’t leave any food behind.
Create an inventory of your possessions to ensure that nothing will get lost.
Have your carpets professionally cleaned and then roll them up so that they will be ready for transport.

One week before you move

Speak about your moving plan with your movers.
Prepare a box of essential items that you will take with you during the move. The box should include a first aid kit as well as a box of tools you will need to help you set up in your new residence.
Start disposing of flammable and toxic household chemicals such as paint, insecticide and motor oil. Drain the gas from fuel-powered appliances.
Empty and defrost your refrigerator at least twenty-four hours before the move.
Label furniture to indicate in which room each piece should go. You can also create a floor plan for your new home or office to help the unpackers.

Moving Day

Make sure that the boxes are clearly labeled so you will know where everything is.
Checklist Icon Check all the rooms to ensure that you are not leaving anything important behind.
Checklist Icon Leave a forwarding address with friendly neighbors so that any stray mail will arrive at your new address.
Checklist Icon Make sure there is plenty of bottled water and snacks for your family and the movers.
Checklist Icon Prepare a tip for the movers of around 10% to 15%, although you can opt to give more if the move is particularly taxing.

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